Yixing Chuangxin Fine--Chemical CO.,LTD

ChuangXin Fine-Chemical Co., Ltd. of Yixing City was established in March 2000, based on the former Yixing Xinfa fine Chemical Plant. The headquarters of the company is located in Jiangsu province, one of the most dynamically developing regions in China. We specialize in the development of value-added, environment-friendly and energy-saving petrochemical auxiliaries and fuel additives. The main productions include gasoline antiknock additive (Methyl-cyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl, MMT), fuel detergent, gas oil flow improver, metal deactivator, polyurethane foam agent, desulfurizer and Methyl Cyclopentadiene dimer. The company has been awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise and owns dozens of patents. We also have got the ISO9000 quality management system certificate and ISO14000 environmental management system certificate.
With the industry-leading technology and research, reliable quality, cost-effective productions and consummate services, ChuangXin Fine-Chemical Co., Ltd. of Yixing City is positioned to offer our worldwide customers the marketing and performance advantages of the most advanced additive technology available today.